Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Happy Tuesday

It's funny how fast we pull ourselves out of bed when we realize we overslept. I almost did a back flip out of my bed this morning.

Class at 10am, still in bed at 9.58am. Even The One up there can't help me. I was contemplating whether to cab down and then dismissed the thought after that bcos the module isn't graded so yeah......I skipped class.
Sorry group mates! :\

I hope y'all can take it as my post-birthday holiday for me HAHAHA seriously why am I so funny.
Speaking about birthday, the helium balloon Jia Rui got for me is still in the air! I'm so happy I don't know why hahahaha! It's been a week!

Anyway last week I ended my 7SPEAK module and I think I secured an A! Heh. I love my lecturer, she worked together with Jia Rui to help surprise me in class on my birthday. Yeah I know right, so sweet! But more on that during my next entry.

I just wna share my 7SPEAK group mates picture together with my lecturer. (And my helium balloon at floating in the background hehe)
Fyi, 7SPEAK = Speaking With Impact. Don't ask me where that 7 came from, I have no idea.

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