Monday, November 21, 2011

Haircut story

Today I went to chop of like 2-3 inches of my not-so-long locks hahaha I'm still trying to get used to seeing myself with short hair but my dad says I look better with short hair.
Just to clarify, my hair can still touch my shoulder so it's not that short haha.

Anyway I realised everytime before you cut your hair, the hair dresser will put a towel covering the back of your neck and shoulder then put another layer to cover your body. Ok I understand the purpose of that - To prevent your hair from dropping onto your body right?
But why they must off the air-con leh? Ok, maybe they never off air-con but I'm 99.999999% sure that they set the temperature at 30 degrees. And you know why? Let me tell you why:

Bcos they want you to feel warm, so they you feel shiok when they cut away chunks of your hair. You'll feel like 'whoa so cooling I feel so good' then you look in the mirror and gasp bcos your hair is really short but at that point of time you only want to feel good. And you feel good when you're not feeling warm. It's a conspiracy between the air-con and hairdresser to make you ugly with hair shorter than you wanted.
And remember, that point of time you feel shiok and didn't thought of that until you reached home and look into your own mirror.

Damn it I look like I'm wearing a helmet now.

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