Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Brown parcel

Weeks ago I received my package of all the rings that I've bought online. I always think that the happiest moment of my life is seeing the brown parcel and then ripping it apart before proceeding to look at the wonderful thing I ordered online. HAHAHA.

I bought 4 rings in total and I really liked the owner alot! But too bad the rings wasn't in good quality(the cons of online shopping) and one just dropped off after I worn them for less than an hour. :\

I emailed the owner and they suggested to refund me without any hesitation! They were very prompt in refunding me too. Such a pity the rings have low quality if not I'd definitely get more from them. Sighhhhh.

Sometimes life just suck like that.

Just to share the pictures of my temporary joy:
Ps - The mustache ring was the or which dropped off and refunded!

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