Monday, October 31, 2011

Things I am really bad at

  • Refilling ice trays at any time and only doing it when I need it, then wait impatiently in the kitchen hoping that the water will freeze up within 10 mins.
  • Not telling somebody I was late because ‘the train is slow’ even though the trains were running fast like mad and I spent thirty minutes watching Starworld before leaving my house
  • Folding my clothes in ways that will not wrinkle them 
  • Finding an outfit I want to wear when I have to leave the house 

The last one is the No.1 cause of the fights between me and my dad. Every morning after I bathed, I go into my room, spend half an hour in my undergarments staring at my wardrobe deciding what to wear.
And when I finally made up my mind what to wear, my room looks like it've just been broken into, with my clothes all over the floor and my bed. And usually I don't have the time to hang/fold my clothes back bcos I need to zooooom out of my house and those clothes can be there forever.

That's how terrible I am and I hope I'm not the only one HAHAHA.

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