Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My nails.

Hi people I was a happiest person on earth few weeks back bcos I did my manicure for only $6. Express manicure, that is.

My dad and fav boy both complained that I shouldn't have painted it black but I liked it bcos of the glitter! Even shiqi and Winnie likes it! -smug face-

So my boy removed the nail polish for me few days back and I start painting it again but this time I painted pink so my two man cannot complain I'm not feminine enough. Hahaha!
And honestly, I'm quite talented.

Ok that is all. Not trying to show off but people have been saying how nice my nails look. I mean the shape of my nails. Yeah, they grow out so nicely I don't even need to file them. -grins-

Never been so proud of my nails. Just look at them. HAHAHAHA.

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