Sunday, October 9, 2011

Kueh lapis

Ok I know my title for this entry is abit er......lame?

Hahaha anyway there was this day where we walked past Bengawan Solo and my boy asked if I want to eat Ang Ku Kueh cos I was craving for it the other night.
Too bad I saw Kueh Lapis and almost wanted to buy it until I realized it doesn't have the colour I like and I'm not talking about my fav colour here but the colour I like to see on Kueh lapis hahaha lame I know.
He gave me that look when I said that too.

But anyway I went for my basic theory test at bukit batok driving centre and arrived too early so we went to the canteen and guess what?
We saw kueh lapis with my fav blue colour on it hiak hiak and it cost only a dollar!

Trying to make it look like it belongs to Bengawan solo LOL it taste awesome btw. Hope it makes you feel like getting one to eat hehehe!

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