Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Fright fest @ Singapore Flyer

It's the Halloween week people! Any plans where to spend it this year?

I received an email from that I could get to go to fright fest @ Singapore Flyer for the Halloween event, I RSVP-ed without hesitation and I didn't regret going at all! Read on to find out more!

We were told to dress up so Jia Rui and I initially decided to go as those L4D people who take guns and shoot down zombies but carrying the gun to school is HAHAHA out of the question.

We decided to act as school nerds instead. Apparently that wasn't really a good idea for me because the 'ghost' will tend to scare me more than the others just because I look like a little girl who is afraid of monsters. I screamed a couple of times, if you're wondering.

There are some who dressed up really scary and I must say their make up on their faces are damn real that they could pass off as the 'ghost' who scared us throughout the walk in the rainforest.

Ok so here are some of the pictures I took while we walked through the rainforest.

She used her clogs and 打小人 which I find it disturbing hahaha she keep going "打你这个..." and the sound from the knock of her clogs against the floor went 'tok tok tok' DISTURBING.

He have to go spoil the moment and act like the ghost is his best friend. -.-

Ok actually quite cool la so I took a photo with the ghost too hahaha!

This lady kept crying and gave us REAL incense stick to pray to her husband who was lying in the coffin.

This one damn cute, use feather duster to scare me HAHAHA

This lady will ask the guys if they wanna accompany her but if she sees us girls, she'll blow up.

Tombstone and dead bodies everywhere...

I'm still trying to figure out how this girl died in the toilet bowl. Cannot be she commit suicide by flushing herself down toilet bowl right? Even more lame if I say somemore murder her by flushing her down hor? So how leh you guys tell me how she died! HAHAHA

This is someone who came as a grandma who died in a fire. He's damn hilarious.

Next up, we took the flyer and it was my first time taking it during the night and it was pretty
Quite nice hor? The last time I came I didn't see all these!

We were in the same capsule as these two cute people who came dressed as a ghost and ghost busters!

Played around with the ghost's thingy or whatever you call that hahaha!

Afterwards we proceed to the bar to get our drinks and the prize presentation
I heard this drink is the Halloween brew but after looking thru the menu. Fav boy and I both thinks it's this flyer's punch! HAHAHA

Took pictures with the two best dressed person!

She burnt herself to death in a fire together with her baby because of the rising cost of living in Singapore hahaha it's funny isn't it! But I gotta say the make up was good!

This is the dead waitress! No idea how or why she died but she look scary in real life though!

Suddenly the staffs switched off all the lights in the bar and the ghost crews all came out to scare us once
I wanna box them leh hahaha and this ghost was at the waterfall if you guys can remember. She just grabbed my arm when I was chilling out at the bar counter.

Do you think I should've recommended her a good salon for hair treatment? Ghost sometimes also need to be vain one what, no meh?

They need to be serious. Why these ghost give such cheeky face! HAHAHA

I'll not go into details and spoil everything. If you're curious then head down to Fright Fest at Singapore Flyer for a frightening good time this Halloween!

Tickets – Includes entry into FrightFest @ Singapore Flyer Rainforest and 1 Special Halloween Brew (non-alcoholic)* at $25 nett

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