Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Flu bug

Hi people I'm feeling terrible now. Not sure if it's bcos my body decided to be sick after almost a year of not being sick or is it bcos I was drench in the rain and caught a flu.
Either way it's making me feel terrible.

I was supposed to go wavehouse w fav boy yesterday but I felt awful inside so he forced me to cancel the plan and head to his place to rest instead.
I felt bad bcos we were both waiting for this wavehouse trip for so long yet it was cancelled bcos I was weak. :'(

The worse thing is he was so mood-less the entire time during dinner bcos I didn't talk much to him so he's like all alone w his iPhone w no one entertaining him. It made me feel even worse seeing him so bored.

But thankfully this awesome guy got me luo han guo and made sure I drank it before I slept and when I woke up he forced me to drink honey lemon cos of my throat was giving me a hard time! After few hours I was getting better and even started teasing him and his ex gf hahahaha.

Anw after that we went down the coffeeshop below his place to buy dinner for ourselves and his dad.

Yay for macaroni! Hehehe looking at this makes me crave for macs n cheese but there ain't no way my boy's gna let me eat them in my state now.

Owells, here you go. Bland macaroni.

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