Thursday, October 27, 2011


Hi there hahaha I baked cupcakes during deepavali!

Jiarui asked me over to his place and bake it and while we were preparing, his bro came out and then suggested that jiarui and I should compete against him and his gf to see which pair bake the nicest cupcakes.

I don't have to say who won right? Kinda obvious hahaha! Our cupcake was moist enough and so choclately while his bro and gf's one was like, well, you know your door? *knock knock* yup that hard.
You could get a bruise if they threw it at you HAHAHA! But the taste was good la just too hard for consumption.

We then frosted our cupcakes and my red food colouring turned out pink -.- that explains my pink Elmo. The 3 of them cannot stop laughing at my Elmo.
The pig is quite cute though! Can take and sell hehehe.
Enjoy the pics!
Ps: They are not in order bcos I used iPhone to upload them up and I've got no idea how to arrange them.

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