Sunday, September 4, 2011


Hi there people! I'm back from my 4D3N camp and I can say even there was some hipcupps here and there, it was still a good one bcos of the awesome people!  I a so hay now that it's holiday I can fnally let down my hair.

For the past few months I've been so hardworking. Studying - planning for camp - family - friends  - personal commitments. Thankfully I can put down my studies for awhile but it kinda sucks when my fav boy still has his fyp to do over this vacation so I can't have him entirely mine. :(

Anw we went to Genting few days back and this amazing boy of mine gave me a surprise in the hotel. I don't feel like posting photos leh, later ppl copy his pattern but then I want to hao lian so.....I'll upload it here when I'm free la k? Hehehehe.  Till then! :))

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