Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Genting w poly mates

So like a month ago, I went to Genting together with Ed , Cheryl, Issac and Jia Rui. I know it's been too long but still posting up these photos to share cos I had fun!

I didn't took photos when we're in the bus or at the customs idk why too, maybe I'm too tired cos the bus we took was six in the morning. Zzzzzzz.

Anyway when we reached, the first thing I did was to go starbucks HAHAHAHAHA got wi fi whattttt. After settling down, we went to the mushroom farm.

This part is so hilarious bcos Cheryl saw a cute puppy, she just stood up immediately and guess what? Ok don't guess, I tell you what. She knocked her head onto the mushroom, hard. I wanted to laugh but it's damn mean cos the sound was really loud when she knocked onto it.

I offered her my herbal tea egg(which I was holding in my hand), to roll against her bump but was rejected be EVERYONE cos they said must use hard boiled egg. Simi sai, my herbal tea egg also hard boiled what, just that got flavour and colour only mah.

 Anyway I had many herbal tea eggs over there cos it's my fav! And the wind there is soooooo cold I used it to warm myself by rolling it all over.
 One herbal tea egg for RM 1.5(if I didn't rmb wrongly), can:

1. Keep me warm
2. Satisfy my craving
3. Offer to friend when in need
4. Fill my stomach, for awhile

 Worth it hor? So good deal where to find? Genting. You buy in sg can only satisfy craving. 70cents or 80cents, not worth it leh. K, enough of my herbal tea egg crap, y'all confirm think I nonsense one. Hais.

 The rest of day 1 was my fav boy surprising me and proposed to me hehehehe shy! Maybe I'll do a separate entry on what he did lah hahaha! So Day 2 was started off with me fighthing with the rest to go theme park. Bcos some wanted to go KL for shopping but I strongly disagree bcos I came for the theme park and didn't really bring enough cash for shopping.

I was so grumpy that my boy had to promise me he'll bring me to USS when the transformer ride open at the end of the year if I agreed to go KL. The ride down to KL and back to Genting was RM 230 if I'm not wrong. What I got was only a top for F21, abit stupid lah cos sg have F21 then I still go there buy hais ok stop. Move on to a happier part, we had Godiva while waiting for the two boys!

We damn aunty in a high end cafe, we asked the staff to take a picture of us then still exclaim: "I want the words GODIVA also ah."

And this was taken outside the mall, damn cool I swear. I have no idea why only Ed and I took the picture, it's so cool everyone should've been in this pic but no, sigh I think they have no appreciation for arts.

This little boy had to come in and spoil my art. Sigh.

So we went back to Genting and my mates decided to go theme park! Hehehehe cos we had a talk over at Godiva and we felt that we must take a ride at the theme park so yeah, my trip back to Genting was so happy that I think I even smiled in my sleep! Hahahha k I bluff, I was snoring in my sleep.

We got a stranger to help us buy our tix cos he got the Myworld card, which have discounts! We couldn't buy the Outdoor theme park then cos the staff said the weather's bad so we only got the Indoor theme park. Guess how much we paid? RM 12!!!!!! Mad cheap.

No idea why my face so happy even when Ed pointed to this height limit thing. He play with my height I still so happy. Must be the theme park make me happy. HAHAHAH!

We decided to take the flying coaster, which is RM 10 bcos this ride is excluded from the overall them park price you pay.

This picture isn't clear but the purpose is to let you see we bought the night outdoor theme park tickets which was only RM 10! So in total, we paid RM 12 for the indoor theme park, RM 10 for the flying coaster then another RM 10 for the night outdoor theme park, we paid only RM 32 for all the fun!

If you purchased straight from the counter, it'd be RM 62 even with Myword card. Talk about cheap thrills.

This octopus ride almost made me vomit my Godiva out.

I think I'm a great daring photographer! I took this when we were all spinning round and round. I had to turn my back which I think is the reason why I wanted to vomit so much.

My mates with the Genting theme park mascots!


Again, being a daring photographer, I took this picture when we were at the highest point. Ok la I wasn't that daring cos we might drop anytime so I was kinda trembling so this pic abit blur.

And then we took cock screw, which we forced the birthday boy, Ed, to take it 18 times since it's his 18th birthday. HAHAHAHAH!

There wasn't much left to play after we conqured all those exciting rides so we decided to leave but before that we took picture with this London bus! I wanted to climb on it initially, but I got chased down by the staff while climbing half way. HAHAHAHAH EMBARASSING SHIT.

I think I quite cute here leh, no? Like maybe 1 or 2 times cuter than this dino.

We then met the guys over at coffee terrace bcos there was supper buffet over there so we could eat + wait till the clock strikes 12 to wish Ed happy birthday!

We went to order the cake the 1st day we reached Genting and the guys went to collect it while we were at the theme park.
Ed says he kinda expect a cake from us cos Cheryl asked him question like 'Do you like blackforest falvour cake?" etc. Sigh, #fail

I think he wishing that I can be a millionaire. K KIDDING, KIDDING OK. He wishing that I become a billionaire  HAHAHAHAH K LAH K LAH I STOP. IDK WHAT HE WISHING FOR.

Here's my mates! :D

Ed and Jiarui played archery while Issac went back to hotel to prepare his surprise to Cheryl for their 7th month!

After we went back and Ed thought it was over, we took out a tattoo and forced him to put it on his arm. HAHAHAH. 18th birthday must get a tattoo.

We wanted to stay up since it's our last night at Genting but everywhere else is closed so like a loser, we went back to our hotel room and slept. Heheheh. There are more pictures but I haven't uploaded them yet so wait ah, wait for next entry. I know this is abit abrupt but hehehe bye!

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