Friday, September 30, 2011

Crystal Jade XLB buffet!

On Tuesday I met up with my girls - Yiqian, Shiwei and Reb for Crystal Jade xiao long bao buffet at Holland V. I hate the fact that they actually have timings for your buffet so it's like 5pm - 7.15pm then 7.30pm - 9.45pm and lastly it's 10pm-12mn.
It cost $22.80++ for the first two timings and the last one is only $19.80++

So yeah as usual I was the only one left kiap-ing food onto my plate while the 3 of them KO-ed and watched me eat. I used to felt paiseh whenever they look and me eat but nah, I'm used to it now HAHAHA.

Anyway my main point is that I don't have enough time for me to eat to my fullest. The lady actually came to sto us, well, me, from eating. TWICE. It's just sad, I had to leave even when there's still food left on the table. If you ask me, I don't think I'll be going back there again since Ding Tai Fung serve the best xiao long bao anyway.

But here are the photos we took:

Stupid lion and rabbit!

I need to do something about my hair soon. I look like a......sigh nevermind. Here's qian! Bangs girl.

Only Holland V has free flow of xiao long bao and well, we did orered quite alot and didn't manage to finish Why? Not bcos we can't finish. It's bcos we were chased away. >:(

We actually forgot to order dessert during the last order so we came out and had frolick as our dessert instead! Chatted around 9-ish before we went back.

I think we need another food outing like this again. Except the girls must realise the importance of my existence bcos sigh.......I had to repeat myself like 3 times, and they still ignore what I said. Most of the time I'm talking to the xiao long bao and the free flow of coke during the buffet.
That's how sad my life is.

It's only after we left crystal jade they started to notice I was there. Sigh, true friends.

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