Thursday, July 7, 2011


Everytime I come home from meeting, my life shortens by a bit b'cos there'll definetly be work for me to do and there's always a dateline I need to rush. Sigh, the sad life of a main committee. Nonetheless I look forward to the upcoming camp organised by us! Heheh.

Oh but right now the thing that's getting me all hyped up is Genting! Woohoooooo! Although it's still long but urgh I can't wait! I know the last time I went there, it was awesome. Except for some hicupps here and there....sharing rooms with guys I don't really like but yeah, I survived.

Now my dad's telling me he wants to join us at Genting too. If he comes along, I'm sure he'll pay for all my expenses. Heheheh but that means he might want me to stick with him and then my first overseas trip with fav boy will be :( so......I hope he comes along but stay in the casino for all 3 days. Haha!

Anyway my retest for brfm (Business and Retail Facilities Management) is on friday and I didn't really study yet so since my class starts at 1 tmr, I figured I could use some time tonight to study a lil' part of it so yeah, have to go. G'bye people!

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