Friday, July 29, 2011


Yes, I am in a foul mood. Nothing to do with PMS. Neither am I having premature menopause. Nor are my hormones out of whack. I’m not in the best of moods cause I was affected by some unpleasant situation which it’s not appropriate to talk about in the entry. This week stinks! And I foresee there’ll be more of such stinking situations...............sigh.

If only the world is a little more fair. Obviously it’s not otherwise there’ll be a lot more happier people in this world. There are just way too many things that makes my life miserable. Just let me name a few.

1. When I like my work but hate the circumstances around it. By ‘circumstances’, I mean stupid politics and…..well, ‘politics’ alone is bad enough..No need to elaborate further. Also, ‘ politics’ is created by people. Enough said.

2. I’m trying to work as hard as I can while some slack-assed individuals get away with shoddy work, knows shit about shit on anything but managed to smooth-talk their way through and actually managed to get credit for themselves. Angrybirdzxz!

3. When I can’t make a difference because some factors don’t allow that. There are things which I want to do it my way cause I feel it’s really okay but was advised not to cause “you need to do it right so follow my way.” Ok, I really hate that cause it’s really bullshit.

4. When egocentric people try to run the show. Enough said.

5. When my efforts, my credibility and myself are being compromised.

6. When I’m in that “I have no choice so you’d better learn to deal with it and so what if you’re pissed-off/upset/depressed cause there’s nothing you can do with it” situation.

Ok this entry is so relevant to my blog's name: Elaine's ranting.
Hahahahha k thanks for reading. Bye.

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