Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Back from Thailand, back in school.

I know I'm always disappearing and then coming back here after a long time. Sometimes I'm just too lazy to type out a chunck here b'cos I could just tweet. Bad habit, bad bad habit. I wonder if anyone comes back and read my post anymore.

Life's been wonderful lately but shit always happen when you're enjoying. You either have that short span of happiness or something comes along and change the whole thing around. Suddenly you don't know if what you want is what you need anymore.

There's this one guy in my life I'd love to keep with me forever but I'm not sure. Sometimes I just think and think. Why did I let someone so close and so near to me? The thought of him leaving one day might not make me cry but it definetly makes my heart ache.

I need more friends. Okay that was random but yeah, I'm serious.
Be back soon butno promises though. G'bye!

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