Saturday, May 21, 2011

My leg got blister.

Hi people, happy to see an update here? Hehehehe.

Lately I've been leading a rather hectic life where there I times that I need to schedule my time to shit or pee. HAHAHAHAH, obviously I'm trying to be funny. But seriously I think there are far too much things to do but too little time. My CT's only 2 weeks away but I am not sure if I can even pass any of my module.

Reason? I never stopped playing since school started. But okay, I got the fear now. I am starting to stay back in school to study w my mates in hope of accomplishing something productive. Right now it hasn't happened yet, just to let you know. HAHAHHA.

Anyway did I mention that I will be away from 16th to 25th June? I'm going back to Thailand! And this time my whole family is going together. Because my bro has finally ORD so he can join us! Hehehehe.

Oh and one last thing. I am not moving to amk anymore. Shall let my bro move over instead. I can't let go of the people in Yewtee/cck. No one's gonna have BCM or prata w me for supper if I were to move to amk. So ya. Yewtee for life. Kthxbye!

Ps: My blog title is totally irrelevant to the post. Hahahhaha! 

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