Sunday, May 8, 2011

First week of year 2.

Hi I'm back! I know I said I will post pictures of Freshmen Orentation Week, so here it is!


Picture of me and my fellow SL before the freshies arrive!

The class under us, the awesome HLFM-1C01!

They were such lovely quiet people at first but when we started the ice breaking games and it comes to the moment where Eugene and I have to do forfeit, suddenly they became so united and chatty. Best thing? We have to dance to another class.

Not sure why am I smiling and what am I telling them but I just want to put a picture of me here. HAHAHAHHA.

I realised there a only a few photos taken for Day 1 and Day 2. I have no idea why. HAHAHAH.

Can't really remember what we did, but here are the photos we took w them during the don't know what station. Hahahah!

BE awesome!
Feng's hair here damn nice, I like!

SL gathers at least 7 times a day during the FOW. Hahahaha! Spot me spot me!

Dropped my freshies off at Atrium for CCA fiesta and I popped by to say hi to the people at OB!

Felicia! Currently in love, that's why becoming prettier ah. Hahahah!

Chew Jian Howe! This picture so sweet right, but no leh we don't have anything for each other.
Don't start rumor. HAHAHAHHAHA.

My current fb profile pic!
Jian Howe, baybaylala and wee wee! ^^


The best day because we went on Industry tour to RWS! Sad thing is only one SL is allowed to tag along. So Eugene couldn't join in the fun w us! :(

Eugene's signature hand sign \m/  the class was like, let's do it for Eugene! \m/
Awesome bunch of people!

The staff at RWS explaining to them how the facilities operates here, I have no idea why he was looking at me and why was I listening. HAHAHAHHA.

The best part? Toilet break and the girls were so bimbo inside 'whoa RWS toilet leh, my house also not so nice' and the most hilarious was when they washed their hands and they went 'Even the water feels so good here' HAHAHAHHA. And yes, we took a picture inside the toilet.


All the SL went high, must be due to lack of sleep. We stayed over in school for a whole week because of the FOW! Every night we had de-brief, then briefing for the next day event.
Sometimes the main comm have meetings and then we have presentation slides to rush and all. Sad life? No. It was all worth it. :)

One person take picture, every rushes in.

All SL rushed in just because a class was taking pictues. HAHAHAH!

My freshies w their finished Dream City!

Guess who's freshies won the best class award? Mine! HAHAHHA. And they surprised me and Eugene w sweet notes. *touched*

This girl is not only my junior in Poly, she's my junior is Unity too! Sg too small. Hahaha!

Shall end off w the group pic of all the SLs!
FOW 2011 was awesome yknow why? Because BE is AWESOME. :)

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