Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Hi world I'm lazy to update this space but I know you guys still come here everytime, *touched* so I'll try my best to post every now and then k!

Latest news, I'm becoming likka man. I already behave like one sometimes and right now I'm becoming to sound like one. How sad can my life get? Hey it rhymes! Okay, it doesn't really rhyme but yeah, it sounded great. How sad can my life get. Hahahahhaa why am I so smart.

Anyway, I just realised some of my keys on my keyboard can't be used. For example, 5, 6 and –. In case you don't get what I'm saying, whenever I press on the key five/six/hyphen/underscore, nothing appears. And just in case you're wodering how the numbers and symbols appeared, I googled it. Ya go ahead laugh at me. It's so sad when I need to use them but I can't. Thankfully my password doesn't consist any of them. Hahahah!

My friend's telling me over the phone I really sound like a man. I shall go into depressed mode now. Bye!

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