Monday, March 28, 2011


Hi world, I think I'm having mood swings lately. I think I suck, I make a fuss out of the trivial thing he does and friends around me have to tell me to chill. They say it's my fault. Yeah and I admit it's my problem. Mood swing not over yet by the way, estimated to be over in 1 or 2 days time. Please forgive me if I don't talk to you. You didn't offend me, I am just fucked up. Lol.

Anyway, boss decided not to send me out tday, so I get to meet up with my mates later in town. Finally! I don't have anything much to tell them, everything going on in my life is pretty much on twitter and I think our main purpose out later is to hug one another. Awwwwww. Oh, and eat! HAHAHAH.

My dad is extremely annoying. At days like that when I could flare up easily, he still comes over and annoying me despite knowing I'd shout at him. Have you got any idea what he's doing now? He's helping to keep the clothes in as well as attempting to try on my mum's bra and asking me if it suits him. 
Somebody pass me the knife.

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