Thursday, March 17, 2011

Queenie's wedding

I attended Queenie's (Kaiying's elder sis) wedding on 12th March and I was also one of her sisters for the wedding. As usual we had to be up early to prepare the games for the groom's brothers and then get our makeup done and wait paitently for them to arrive.

So the groom was a lil' late and I was getting a lil' impatient, I decided to pull Kaiying and take pictures w me. Trust me, I could flood this whole page with our pictures but please note the title of this blog post: 'Queenie's wedding' not 'Photos of me and Kaiying'. HAHAHAH.

I don't know if we were getting ready to go out or anything, I have no idea why I had my heels on in the house. HAHAHAH.

The groom finally came, and I realise we didn't have any photos of the brothers and grooms doing the games. But owells, here's one on the groom fetching the bride!

She dropped tears. Awww, one of her sisters cried together with her because she claim that once she see people crying, she'll cry too. 

And here we are, at the groom's place with absolutely nothing to do except for taking pictures.

This girl ah, the cleavage must stop showing off leh. Hais. 

The bored sisters waiting to go back. Hahah.

After leaving the groom's place we went back to the bride's. Thank god I quickly changed out of my dress into shorts and tee. The groom's brothers were like 'Are you going jogging?' HAHAHAH. But no, I took my lunch and dropped dead on bed. Kaiying initially refuse to sleep with me because 'You must wait at least few hours after eating then sleep if not you'll gain weight.' 

But guessed who I saw lying next to me when I woke up 1 hour later? HAHAHAH. Washed up and everything and off we go to CSC for the wedding banquet!

Anyway the had their ROM there as well. It was my first time witnessing a couple exchanging vows leh, imagine my excitement! But they were both shy and they kinda mumbled to each other instead of reading out loud. If it was my ROM I confirm shout. Ok maybe I should maintain composure, request for mic and speak into it. HAHAHA!

Officially husband and wife!

Kaiying and me were in charged of the reception. Okay I think it's only her. I hardly know anyone there so most of the time she was the one doing everything. "Oh aunt! Your table is 18", "Hi cousin! Your table 20!"
I'm like one lost puppy sitting there waiting for my dad to come. HAHAHAH.

Kaiying was like "Eh you know all the pictures we took, the face like same only." I know right, sounds dumb. Both of us in all the pictures, of course same face. What she meant was our expression. So I told her to do stupid faces and she was like yeah ok. But you know what, before I snapped she had to turn to me to make sure I was making faces.
Wahlau why people around me cannot trust me one! YES I DID MAKE STUPID FACES. Don't come tell me it looked like my normal face hor.

Her biceps looks nice and big here. Muay thai girl leh this one. No joke.

Here's one with the bride! Finally. Queenie's wedding. HAAHAH.

Self-explanatory photo below. HAHAHAHAH.

I tell you this kid damn cute, like one ball! He used to be quite suave but I don't know what happened, he evolved into a ball now. But I love him more this way. He was like holding my hand 'Don't go don't go' one moment, the next he shouted 'I don't want take pictures with you!' Heartbreak.

But yeah, I still forced it on him and you can see how he doesn't care at all. HAHAHAH.

Whoa I tell you, the smoke damn toxic, and the staff kept spamming. I almost choked and died. Okay that was exaggerating. But really, the smoke wasn't the result of dry ice + water. I don't know where the smoke comes from, it smelt damn bad and made me stuffy.

Oh, it's called Sick building syndrome by the way.], where it is the unhealthy condition inside an enclosed space causing discomfort to the occupants. I learnt it in one of my module.

Trust me, I'm inside this picture. I'm somewhere at the back with Kaiying and the rest of the brothers teasing one another. They think funny pushing me and the other brother together. I wished I smashed the glass on him that day. Nah, I'm joking! :)

The most tiring wedding I've been to. But quite thankful the brothers were fun except the part where they insist I should make friends with the other guy. Worse when Kaiying joined in the fun to tease me together with them. Anyway there's still a lot of picture but it's with the photographer so if I get them I'll post it here again k! Bye now, going for lunch! 

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