Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just to update this space and not disappoint you folks out there who constantly comes here for updates. I'm touched leh. HAHAHAHA. Also a bit shy. Hehe!

Kay I know sibeh act cute. But thats what excessive studying can do to you. Thankfully Phoebe always bring cards to school so we can gamble to de-stress. Haha! And then not to forget people like Edwin, Jiarui and Sufang who always join in the fun, making the gambling session so much more fun. But anyway, I just wanted to say I an quite hardworking. Quite lah, don't wanna haolian and say very, but ya...something like that. You get it. I'm the model student.

I think my brain stopped working cause I have no idea what I just typed above. Shall head to bed soon because my paper's at 0900 tomorrow and I've to be in school by 0800 to do some last minute revision w the mates. Kbye!

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