Thursday, March 31, 2011

Feel weightless day HAHA

Today is one of the rare days I get to stay at home and sleep in till late because I've quitted my job. Not because I don't like the job or the job doesn't like me. I just...don't feel like working at places where I can't get to talk. Hahaha.

Anyway I woke up to myself today, everything seemed strangely empty when one one's home. I hate it because I have no desire to prepare myself lunch or even go down to get myself a decent meal so yeah, I skipped lunch and did the housework. That pretty much explains the blog's title - Feel weightless day
I skipped meals, do housework, which is supposed to help me burn some calories. HAHA.

In between where I catch up on some of my series, reply slowly to people on twitter and take even longer time to reply texts just because I don't really keep my phone beside me when I'm home. So really, it's not that I don't like you or I find you annoying when I take a long time to reply you. It's really because my phone's out of my sight and I always keep it on silent mode.

Oh btw, I ate 3 freaking bananas today just because it tasted so good. I'm glad dad chose to cook dinner today because I can't imagine myself running to the loo half the time we're dinning out. Trust me, my digestive system will always choose the right timing to release. Lol.

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