Friday, March 25, 2011

Expo made me a happy kid!

Hi world, I'm back! Miss me? HEHEHEH. Work's damn fun. Because of:

-The security guard Uncle
Forever greeting me 'Good Morning' whenever we made eye contact, it's nice of him but the number of times he says that to me made me depressed because it means time passes damn slow and it's still MORNING after so long. Hahah.

-The Exhibitor from Various companies!
Always wondering how I can managed to stand for so long w/o resting and brining sweets over for me each time they walk past me to go on smoke break! Nice people rocks! Heheh.

-And my dear colleagues!
Always laughing and making me happy. Time hits noon and we'll be like "What are we having for lunch?" 

Anyway my legs were quite sore today so I kept walking around and hopping, yes I hopped like a lil' kid. Got problem? HAHAHAH, k, main point. This visitor came to me and I thought he wanted to volunteer to do the survey but no, he told me "I've been observing from just now, are you dancing?" HAHAHAHAHAH.
"No sir, I'm just happy to be working here, could I get some valuable feedback from you?" Lolololol.

Tomorrow is my last day and I was hoping it won't end so soon. It might be far from my place and damn tiring but the experience is damn awesome! I received many namecards, I shy! But they say it's normal to get hit on by those businessman moreover we as surveyor are dressed more presentable then the other part timers so yeah.

I've looked through all the namecards I've got and it's all Manger, Director, Senior Engineer, R&D manager, Doctors etc. I've placed all of them aside, what I'm looking for is Millionaire. Why don't have ah? HAHAHAHHA.

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