Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Back from hiatus!

Hi people, I'm back! Yes, I'm aware I've been gone long enough and I'm back. Thank you for constantly checking back for updates, I thought I'd lose my readers. :/

Anyway here are some updates:

  • My hair is long now. Like it grew beyond my shoulders already. Previously when I chopped them off, it could barely touch my shoulders! So yeah, considering whether to keep it this way or let it grow. My relatives says I looked thinner w short hair. Don't know got lie or not, but I shall be stupid and believe until someone else comes and tell me I look fat k! HAHAHAHAH!

  • I am moving to Ang Mo Kio soon. Because I have an 85yr old granny living alone who is not at best of health, someone needs to sacrifice and live w her. Yes, that someone is me. I wouldn't see it as a bad way since I can keep my fav old woman company. And I have a straight bus from her house to school! Bad thing is I'll be far away from mt yewtee friends! :( But anyway my mind is made up. Hais, no late night supper at yewtee anymore. 

  • I am 46kg now. I really think drinking water can make one shed those kilos. I drank lots of water and I NEVER skipped my meals. Have my breakfast, lunch and dinner every single day and some snacking in between. And I think I kinda eat a lot too. This proves that eating have nothing to do w your weight gain. Drinking does. Drink more = less weight! Trust me on this one. Tried and proven.
Okay I think that should be all. I want to shit now, bye!

1 comment:

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