Monday, January 24, 2011

Reasons why you shouldn't leave an old man at home:

1) He spams your cell when you don't pick up. He thinks you're either dead or you're dying.
The clock must br spoit because it was only 7pm when you was not at home. Not 3am in the morning.

2) He leaves you a text telling you that your dinner will be the leftover salad he left in the fridge.
You come home and realise he's not joking. You are supposed to feel FULL after muching on the tiny bowl of salad.

3) To make himself less bored, he decided to re-paint the house but no one would ever think that an old man like him would doodle on the wall, writing your mum, your bro and your name on the wall, followed by O$P$ at the bottom. Yes, he thinks it's very funny.

That, is my dad for you.

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