Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Words may not express how I feel, but I am genuinely thankful.

Actually I wanted to put the blog title as 'Beyond words' but I dropped the idea because I actually got tons of words to say. In fact if I decide to write down all the words that's going through my mind right now, it'll prolly fill the whole page and bore y'all to death.

I can summarise in 4 words how I feel right now - I am fucking happy.

Just because I am happy, I don't care if you're gonna read on or not, because I want to share this amazing story.

As I was talking to my dad in his room, someone knocked on our door and shouted - really shouted, like an angry neighbour, "HELLO, HELLO!" As usual I remained seated and act like I didn't hear anything so I can pretend like no one's home.

But(thankfully), my dad stood up and went over to door.
I heard their convo and it goes like this: D = Dad, U =Uncle

U: "You have someone named Oh Elaine staying here right?"

D: "Ya, why?"

U: "Can ask her come out now?"

*At this point I was like, SIMI SAI?! Who so rude, still demand me to go over?*

D: "Mei, come out come out!"

And then this Uncle asked me: "Did you went to ask for your wallet today?"


So he handed over my stuffs, admitted, and apologise(wahlau, guilty x 100) that he found my wallet, but he did not want to return to office because he says normally they'll pocket the money leaving behind only the cards. He saw that I have $20 + inside, so he decided to pass the wallet to me personally.

Because my IC was inside, he showed the taxi driver my address and came up to pass me. He says he wanted to mail to me, but *wipes tears* he's worried that I can't get to sleep because I lost all my cards and money, and that CT is around the corner, he wouldn't want that to affect me.

At that point I couldn't find any better words to say to the Uncle except "Thank youu"
I was just this close to crying. Why are people so nice to me when I treat people like shit?

My dad offered to send him home and pay him back the taxi fare, but he gave a firm no to both offers. As we walked him to the bustop and my dad tried once more to shove $30 to him but he pushed it away.

I don't know his full name, but he told my dad his surame is Wang.
Thank you Uncle Wang!

The one up there, or anywhere, I hope that you'll bless him and his family. May they live happily, peacefully and comfortably. Pray that no harm comes in their way, because good people like him, deserve to lead a good life without much problems.

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