Friday, December 3, 2010

Today is Friday the 13th for me.

My lecture starts at 9am but I was still at Choa Chu Kang at 8.45am. Not because I woke up late or missed the train.

It's because SMRT thought I was a tourist on sightseeing. They drove the train at an ultra slow speed, with various stops in between. They think funny. I think I took 5mins to take from one stop to another.

Because I don't wanna be late, I alighted at Bukit Gombak and decided to take cab to school. But it wasn't really a good idea because it was one of the moments where everyone thought of walking to the taxi stand with you.

And you know what's the worst? To realise you're bleeding and you can't apply pressure to stop the blood flow because the blood is from underneath you, between your legs.

My friday sucks, big time.

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