Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I am still nice.

Today while I was talking to myself in the mirror, my bro came home. I did not only thought that I have gone mad for talking to myself in the mirror, I also thought I that I have developed serious imaginary problems for seeing my bro home on weekdays. No NS man comes home no weekdays! 

But my bro really came home. Because he was having fever and thus was excused home. Phew, I wasn't imagining things. So it also concludes that I am not mad for talking to myself in the mirror.

And just because I'm a nice sister, I decided to cook porridge for him despite being extremely apprehensive about stuffs like cooking. 

I decided that if it turns out too salty, I can add water. If it turns out bland, I'll just say it's supposed to taste bland for sick people, and lie about how I tasted it and it was fabulous.

Well, let me tell you something I learnt today while cooking porridge. It is not considered done just by adding the ingredients and covering the lid and let it simmer for 10mins or so. 

Apparently sick people can still tell the difference between cooked and uncooked rice. The sick person at my house tasted the uncooked one today. God bless him.

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