Friday, December 31, 2010

Finally 2010 is coming to an end!

2010 have been so overwhelming for me...and some of my dearest friends. I guess this was the year I had to see so many people cry, get their heartbroken and see them stand up from where they fall only to be even much stronger. It was also the year I took in so much of life's philosophy and learnt many lesssons the hard way. It's unbelivable how many types of people are out there in this world that I've met this year.

It's pretty much simple to comprehend. They're all those whose maturity level is way lower than where hell is.

But I thank whoever is there that I've also met so many incredible souls that I proudly call my friends. It just shows that how many bad people you've met, you're gonna come across the same amount of good people in your life.

The thing is, they're all gonna be condemmed as the 'bad ones' by your mind because of the so many awful incidents that you experienced before. I've learnt that we've to open up to whoever stands before us. As qouted from a friend of Fidelis, "Just because someone bad did something to you, you should not punish someone good who might come into your life, the next person will love and respect you more, so you should open up your heart to love the next person just as much as the first."

There's so much more things I can say about my life during 2010 but it'll probably bore y'all. Lemme just keep it short and sweet from here onwards.

  • Now looking back at the picture of me and my ex, the only thing's that on my mind - 'Was I drunk during our entire time of relationship?

  • I look at the name list of people I detest and...I don't hace enough middle fingers to even begin to tell them how I feel. How about this, just go talk to my ass. Because they're the only ones that gives a shit.

  • And I look at pictures of my friends and I am thankful to be alive with amazing people like them. Because friends like them stick you through till the end no matter what you've gotten yourself into. I'm serious. Even if you're covered all over in shit, they're the ones that use their bare hands to clean it off.

Well, as much as I hate 2010, I would like to thank it, because it taught me how to be independent and face my own problems.

The past cannot be forgotten, edited, erased or changed. It can only be accepted. I've accepted and willing to take on whatever 2011 has in store for me. 2011, bring in on.

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