Friday, November 5, 2010

Torturing myself part I

Rainbow cake.

Wedding cake y/y? ^^

MnM's cakehouse.

Cake house
*Submitted by re-alisa-tion   

New York style Chocolate Cheesecake.
New York style chocolate cheesecake.

Oreo cakeeeeeee.

thanks to st-louis-deactivated20100818.

Chocolate cinnamon roll.


Chocolate Cinnamon Rolls.

Nutella + whipped cream + strawberries + bananas.

Chocolate coated strawberries.

OMG, just look at that amount of cheese.

The Hungry Henderson Burger


Submitted by elishamarie


cheese fries

Schinken-Tomaten-Sandwich / ham tomato sandwich (by JaBB)


Mini-shrimp remoulade po’boys (by Amelia PS)

Spent my day looking through tumblr for all these. I think I want to master cooking so I can cook myself anything, anytime. I must go wipe my saliva now. Wait, I just ran out of tissues. HAHAHAHA.
Okay sorry not funny. Kthxbye.

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