Saturday, November 13, 2010

Movie Preview: LET ME IN

Few days back I met up with Jasmine at town right after my hiphop class, I thought I'll be late, but I was early. But being early isn't really a thing to be proud of huh? Hahahaha. Anyway, I bought her along for the Movie preview of Let Me In which I was invited to by Shaw and

It's yet another vampire movie, but this time it's about a young boy who was bullied in school and made friends with a mystery young girl who recently move in next to his apartment. It may sounds harmless and boring, but...Do you really know who are your neighbours?

I used to play with my neighbour a lot when I was young. I stayed on the highest level and there was only 4 apartments, so I have this spacious corridor where we can cycle, run about, and even place a inflatable pool! I played with the kids from the other 2 apartments and we kinda left the last apartment out.

Because it was located at the corner, it has this sorta alley/corridor befor reaching their apartment. So 'bought' the corridor from HDB so that alley/corridor became theirs.

I don't know how to explain this, so I went to google and this was the closest pic I could get.

So, think that the white door was originally their apartment door, and counting from where the wall lamp is, the whole stretch belonged to HDB, but they bought it over, so from the point where the photographer was standing, it's another additional door they built. Get it?

I think I explain quite clear already, if you still can't get it, your level of comprehension is the same as my 3 year old niece. Go watch Dora the Explorer with her kay?

Kay, so the kids from the other 2 apartment(Let's name them A n B) and I thinks that the kid from the last apartment(Let's call her C) is filthy rich cause they got extra space and creepy,(ike what for you need more space right?) and spoilt and haolian and arrogant and proud.
 I know the last three words are almost the same meaning, I ran out of words to use. Lol.

In short, we hated her because she came from a prestigious school so it kinda gave us the feeling that she looked down on us that's why she doesn't play with us.

She learnt piano and always purposely play it to let us hear, like taunting us because we poor kids don't know how to play piano, only know the stupid recorder taught by our school.

When I was young, I never watched Chinese shows, so the channels I watched is either Channel 5 or Kids central. And I remember one of my favourite show was The Addam's family:

It's damn funny because C coincidentally have only a younger brother and lives with her parents. So you could've guessed, we often refer the family as Addam's family.

Y'know sometimes when you keep telling yourself one thing, you'll sub-consciously convince yourself that it is true. So ya, as stupid as it may sound, we kinda became afraid of C's family as time goes by.
Everytime she plays her piano, we got reminded of the Addam's family(Esp the hand).
Refer to the pic below. Lololololol.

I feel so dumb as I'm typing this now. We grew so afraid of them that we seldom play along the corridor, we would take turns to go each other's place to play loser-ish games like lego because we believed that as long as we locked the doors, they cannot get to us.
And ironically we(A +B + me) loved to watch The Addam's family. HAHAHAHAHAHA.

It went on for years, we stayed indoors and avoiding them like a loser while they lead their lives normally. Lol.

It was until The Addam's family stopped showing on Channel 5, the fear gradually decreased but we were all too old to play like the good old times. Sadly I had to move house and got separated from A n B. And It's pretty sad that I never had a chance to talk to C at all. I was so dumb.

But that's was like a decade ago, I grew smarter now okay. So stop laughing at me.

And so that was my story, thankfully they are humans, because I can't imagine myself in Owen's(Kodi Smit-McPhee, The Road) shoes.

It might took me almost all my chidhood years for me to realise that C's family were normal human beings, but it was during Owen's childhood years that he have to confront the reality that his neighbour, Abby,(ChloĆ« Grace Moretz, Hit Girl in Kick-Ass) is actually a savage vampire.

Watch Let Me In Trailer below:

Just for fun, and reminder of good old times when Channel 5 airs The Addam's family at 6pm every weekday:

Lastly, prepare yourself for the gory and refreshing vampire movie, Let Me In, which will be released on 9th December 2010!

For Official Website, please click:

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