Sunday, November 28, 2010

I'm a happy kid. I am 48kg now. Yay, I did it! I did it! I did it!
Although honestly I have no idea how. In case most of you who don't know, let me bring you through my sad life when my weight was 51kg. Yah, 51kg. Don't rub your eyes. I was fucking 51kg.

I am so happy I managed to shed off 3kg. Although I'm not sure if it's really that, cause I poop before weighing myself. But it's unlikely that my poop weighs 3kg right?

Okay lah, let's just take it as I weight 49kg now, and exaggerate that my poop is 1kg.

Reasons leading to 51kg:

Eating Nasi Lemak @ Changi Village despite knowing it is 3am.

Being the first to attack the food(and finishing most of it) when that's meant for everybody.

Drinking Choco milk tea from KOI with 100% sugar right afer steamboat.

During one of the camps when my group won some prizes, I quickly get the chocolate to myself. While everyone's intention was to share among one another. Sigh, I am such a glutton.

Of course, I don't do all of the above now.

I share my food willingly to all(lie), I try not to finish food that is meant for everyone to share(lie), I don't eat after 1am(lie again) and I drink KOI with 50% sugar level so gulcose doesn't make me fat(I'm a liar).

I don't care, diet starts today! It's highly impossible that I skip my meals, so I'll try to eat lesser from tomorrow onwards, and sart jogging, swimming and cycling 5-days a week.

45kg, come to mama!
MAMA LEMON! Kay, not funny.

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