Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Enjoying 17.

A week from now, yours truly will be 18. I'm already 18 lah, but to be offically 18, I've still got one more week to go. Happy kidzx.

I thought of having a blast but it's on Monday. I have monday blues. :(
Kay, not funny. I think I am interesting and because I'm interesting, I will suggest what you can do on my birhtday kay.
Don't do something stupid like throw flour + egg + water at me.

Don't throw birthday cake on me too. You want you can throw in my mouth. We can do it the carnival way, I'll open my mouth at the widest and you try to throw it in kay.

Like this:

Apparently this little girl is playing cheat lor, where got stand so close one? Like that might as well don't waste money play.
Go pick litter from the floor and throw into the bin also can. No diff.
Like that contribute back to the community somemore.

Okay, digress. I was saying, don't play throw here throw there. Unless you throwing money at me, I don't mind. :D
Not funny, I know.

Don't ask me why am I like that, I can only answer you in 3 words - I DON'T KNOW.

Back to topic. My birthdayyyyyyyyyyyy! Weeeeeeeeee~ I never got to feel the embarrassment and short moment of happiness when the whole canteen sings the birthday song for you.
I want to feel it leh! I told my poly mates, but they say I shameless.

They says no one tells people how they want to be surprised one. Why cannot? My birthday leh! :(

Hais, I think high chances they won't do it. Got meeting and briefing on my birthday somemore. My school think it's funny sia. My birthday cannot let me enjoy. My mum and bro nt in sg also. SAD LIFE.

Before this entry becomes an unhappy one, let me share with you something happy!

For those who are keen to know what I lack of so you can get me present, let me tell you...

I want a car!
18 alrdy what, I get license, I get car! Woohoooooo. I know everyone will fight to buy me this. Cause y'all sure buy me toy car. I know. Sigh. Actually Porter bag or Manhattan bag also can. Hehehehe. <3

Well, to be honest, I don't have the slightest idea on how to celebrate my birthday. I can't celebrate in advance because I've got camp on 19th to 21st.
Belated birthday doesn't look promising because weekends are packed are weekdays are fucked up with school. I lead a sad life.

I go one corner enjoy one more week of being 17. Kthxbye.

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