Thursday, November 25, 2010

Books are beautiful thing.

There's something about book that are so beautiful to me. Even if the pages have turned yellow and covers have been torn here and there. They hold so much potential, so many options.

There are a million options for a way of escape, a way to forget the world around you. That's what's so beautiful about reading, is that those black and white pages absorb you. They bring you in, hook line and sinker, and you come back to your own life feeling rejuvenated, ready for anything because if Scarlett O'Hara can survive the civil war, you can surely survive your family, your friends, and your school.

So you may see a book, new and colourful or dirty and old, but I see hope, I see potential, and I see somewhere I want to be. To just run my hands over the binds, flipping through the aged pages, hearing the creaks and flutters.

Current book on hand: The Memory Keeper's daughter by Kim Edwards.

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