Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My girls.

I really can't believe I haven't met the girls for a month and still feel like it's okay. I mean, life still goes on and it just doesn't feel like a month. I know it felt like it've been long, but damn, it's been more than a month. I swear I don't know how we did it, not updating each other about our lives, but we did.

Anyway, we finally made time for one another, or rather I made time for them. Because they actually had a few outings while I was away. Sorry, I wished I could be there to but I can't. 
So, as I was saying, we met up and as usual sat at one corner of mac, chatting away happily with fries and coke. It feels soooooo great being with them.

You know before that I was so worried that we'll drift apart, like our lifestyle aren't the same anymore, the things we do, the way we talk...but I am really glad that the way we laugh, care and love one another is still the same and staying strong. 

I saw my secondary school discipline master and he came over and talked to us. After a year he can still remember us, yeah, because we were the kids that was constantly sent to him for detention and suspension. HAHA.

He told my best friend this: "Don't give up, press on. Those who tell you ITE = It's The End, give them a tight slap. Because it's not. It's not the end. It's The Eternity. You can do it."

I totally agree with him on this one, and I am so damn proud of her. It takes a lot of courage to do what she's doing right now, and she is a strong girl who gets high GPA despite how the society might view her as. I am not ashamed of who is she and where she's studying at. She is my best friend and I have faith in her in whatever she does. One day, she'll be standing right next to me, walking the path of life at the same pace with me. No doubt she might become a tertiary student later than me, but I really believe she can, and she will catch up with me one day. And when that day come, we will get through this fucking society together.

As for Yiqian, Kangqi and Jervis, I hope your O's will be great. I want us to enjoy life together again, like how we did in Genting earlier this year with the guys. I apologise for not joining y'all everytime, but I promise I will be less active in my school and devote more time to y'all kay. Today had been great although the time spent wasn't really enough to fill each other on our lives. I foresee another meetup session soon.

Love y'all. G'night! 

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