Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Bad day.

I was having a pretty good day, going to school collecting my Malaria pills for my Indonesia trip then off to Beach Road to get my camp stuffs.

Fucked up began when the man refuses to pick up my call nor reply my text. I detest people who do that. Really, if you were mad at me and want to punish me by ignoring me, it's fine. Just text me "I don't want to talk to you" instead of ignoring right. You don't know I was at the other end of the line worrying what happened to you because I have no idea what happened to you. Spoil mood leh.

I spent like 5bucks on transport just to get to Beach Road from school. Yea, it doesn't really matter but when my mood is bad and every single thing just seems to piss me off.

Just like how I realised after reaching Beach Road, all I bought was a long sleeve top and a box of solid fuel.
It cost me less than $5 for both. Didn't even cover my transport fee, yes I am so mad that I can whine like a bitch about 5bucks of transport fee. And you know why? Because I have to bloody hell find a train station to top up my card because the fucking thing says
'Please top up'

Thank you to you guys for asking if I'm alright and honestly I am not but being around you all made me feel a whole lot better because you guys are awesome just like that.

Before I turn in, I'd like to rant again. It's not my fault.....I don't know what's wrong because you won't tell me. All I can do is assume and guess. And if you never tell, how would I know you are right doing what you are doing now?

I'm leaving Singapore in another 2 days, maybe all you can do is try to spend more time with me rather than doing your stupid fucking ignoring action okay.

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