Monday, October 4, 2010

Clap your hands.

Today I had fun with the boy driving me around because I just can't make up my mind where to go.

"To Boon Lay, they got the best Claypot rice there!"

"No, maybe IMM? Daiso is over there!"

"How about Jurong Point? I've never set my foot in there for a long time."

I thank the boy for being so patient and not chasing me down the car for being so noisy. But as much as I like him for that, I'd love to kill him because that stupid boy drove me to Mustafa.
I love going there, but Mustafa on a Sunday noon? Well done, boy. I don't like crowds, especially when they have dark skin colour.

Hey, I'm not being racist over here. But since young, the elders always said "If you're naughty, ah pu neh neh will catch you!" Well I guess it've left a impact on me till now, I always try to avoid them.

Just like today, while searching for parking lots, the road was so congested that we kinda got stuck beause it was hard to move forward with all the people in front and we can't turn back with all the cars behind us.

Like a ninja, I pressed down the lock for the door and demand the boy to do the same. I know it's quite impossible but I have a feeling that one of 'em will suddenly open the door and do god-knows-what to us.

Bought some snacks then headed over to my Mum's shop for dinner and then had the best HTHT of my life before he drove me and my mum home.

Thank you, boy. I am truly happy.

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