Sunday, October 31, 2010

"Because when life says 'give up', hope says 'try one more time'."

Sometimes, you just can't see what's around you. And you know what? It's your fault. Everyone have been telling you that, you just don't listen. Because you simply don't believe.

And then comes the time you were hung up high on a breakable thread, feeling so vulnerable and helpless..

You just wished the people who told you from the start that something was wrong was there for you. You just wished you believed when they said it was your fault. And those people, they never really leave, because you were the one who left. They didn't. They always have, and always will be there for you.

And then you wonder, who am I? What do I want? Is there any purpose in this life I live at all?

And you were so shocked when you saw your reflection..Who exactly, have you become?

All you wanted was just to be happy and appreciated. You can, and you will be. Just keep the faith.

1 comment:

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