Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Just sometimes, I get really mad at you. Not those that I can brush it off after some time, but those that really make me feel fucked up like you don't give a damn about how I feel.

True enough, you are a great person and understandably that since you are human you can never be perfect and you have your weak and vulnerable moments too. Have you ever thought that I might also have that moments too?
Just because I'm always smiling when I'm with you and constantly by your side listening to you talk about your life doesn't mean nothing is wrong with mine.

I have my fucking problems to deal with and you were never there because you never cared. Maybe I assumed that you didn't care but how'd I know? You never called to make sure I was fine after everytime you knew I was feeling really lousy.

Maybe I might be too demanding, but a text doesn't really make me feel better because most of the time, all I want to hear is your voice.

Just like how you'd read this now, and contemplating whether to send me a text or just msn me because you will never take the initiative to call and ask.

For the record, things were never fine. No matter how many times I tired to convice myself I want to be independent and rely on myself for everytime, I failed.

Not because you were my pillar of strenght or anything like that. It's because you were never there to tell me to believe in myself.
You never told me to keep the faith.

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