Thursday, September 23, 2010


Yes, i am totally aware that i abandoned this space for days. Suddenly time starts to go faster than it already is, and i have no idea why i've tons of stuffs to do even when it's holiday which means i should be staying home spending quality time with my bed.

Urgh. I don't like what i'm feeling now. I don't wake up in the morning thinking it'll be a wonderful day, because...i am working for F1. Which means...sleepless nights. 8AM to 1AM for 2 straight days, and the third day i might be ending work at 3AM.

Y'all know what's the worst thing? Right after the F1, i have Poly forum to attend to and have to be in school by 7.30AM for both days. I am going to have 5 days of irregular sleep and trust me, i swear upon my almost non-existence boobs that i will sleep likka pig after these events ended.

So, wake me up when September ends.
Because October is yet another busy month ahead.

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