Friday, August 27, 2010

We see with our eyes. We know with our hearts.

When a heart breaks, it forever holds a scar. Some of the cracks are never glued back together. Some of us remain broken even when we’ve cried our share of tears, screamed until our lungs have given out.

 A “broken heart” has become a cliché, a phase of life that almost every person treads through at one point or another. A heart breaks when a love dies, when someone we care so much about turns his or her back.
But that’s not the only way we fall apart inside.

Sometimes it’s more of a decay than one, sudden break. Sometimes we lead a life that makes sense in our thoughts, but not in our hearts. We think we know everything.

We think we know how we’re supposed to act, supposed to live. We’d never guess that the world inside our heads could crash down upon us, like the debris of a falling building.
We’d never dream, even in our darkest nightmares, that we could lose everything…that with a single truth, our hearts could not only break, but shatter beyond repair.

I guess you’re right; I’m afraid. I’m afraid to put my guard down. I’m afraid that if you know who I am, you won’t feel the same. 
And I’m afraid that once my barrier is defeated and I’m comfortable, you’ll walk away. 

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