Monday, August 16, 2010

Just because.

Today is the kind of day i'm refusing to sleep even when i know i need to be awake early for my interview. Suddenly it felt unimportant. Suddenly i feel like i do not need to do this.

But you know what? I once fought and tried so hard to make this happen, and hell yeah i should try it again. Because Outward bound is one family, because they stood by me when i was about to give up on my swimming test. Because they tolerated my noise and awful singing when we're stucked in the forest. Because they're awesome just like that.

Imma going to give it a shot, i dont want to myself to think back in another 10 years to come and say 'i should've...or i could've' I want myself to say 'I did this when i was 17, hell yeah!'

Because life's too short for anything, we can't deny that, we can't just wish it'll stop, stop, stop. All we can, and have to do is try, try and try. Because i wasted enough time trying to stop, now its time i stopped and try.

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