Monday, August 16, 2010

Having fun together.

Last week i met up with my lovely girls, and guys. It was so nice seeing them after 12345678987654321 years, omg. HAHAHAHHAHAHAH.

It was great time spent over at cck ITE then to Jer's. Too bad some of the guys can't make it, or it'll be the genting gang reunion. Lolololololol.
Times with them also made me feel good, we speak what's on our mind, we tease and make fun of each other to the limit which others might feel offended but we don't even mind at all. I like that.

And the best thing? When we're having fun together, we're not being judgmental, critical or dissatisfied. When we want happiness, it just make sense to do things together that brings pleasure and enjoyment.

It is just so amazing that what people sees as faults in our friends, we find endearing, we defend, or we brush off as unimportant.

All of us changed after we went seperate ways, some went poly, some went ITE, some take up private O's, and we all honestly know that we aren't the same person anymore.

We might change to become a stronger person, we might change to a better person. Or maybe, unfortunately, change into a weaker someone only to be bullied.

But you know what? One thing will always be the same - The fact that we all be there backing up for each other in every fight out there. That is what will remain the same.

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