Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Be happy - you're worth it!

We all have problems - each and every one of us. Some more than others and some more serious than others.

What those problems are is immaterial; what matters is how we deal with them.

If you look at your problems as hurdles that are stopping you from moving forward in your life then they're attacking you. It's only when you start seeing them as a challenge, or an opportunity even, that you're the one doing the attacking.

Keep a positive outlook regardless of what life throws at you and you'll stand a far better chance of dealing with your problems and enjoying the time you've been given to spend on earth.

Appreciate what you have. Learn to love and be happy about them, rather than spending time thinking about things that you do not possess.

Do not compare yourself with anyone else. Remember, no two people in this world are alike. You have grown with a different experience and talent than the rest and you should be proud of your individuality.
Do not mind what others say.

Get this fact right - people insult others only to hide their own insecurities. Compliment one person, praise the other and appreciate the third. Remember, when you say well about others, it makes you feel good about your own self as well.

Remember your achievements no matter how small. Everybody has done amazing things in their life and you are no exception.


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