Thursday, July 15, 2010

Thank you.

Sometimes when things are just too tough and too hard, i cry. Like a little girl who couldn't wear her favourtie dress out, i cry. I throw tantrum.But you held my hands steadily and walk me down the park. We sat down on the bench we always sat on and there, you took out a packet of tissue and wipe the tears away for me. I smiled, then I laughed. I smiled, because you're always there for me no matter what time of the day. I laughed, cause you looked so cute when you took that packet of tissue out of your pocket. We remained in comfortable silence for few minss. It was only few mins, but a lot of things ran through my mind. Like why did I meet such a great person like you, why are you willing to do all these for me, and when will that broad shoulder not be there for me anymore? I bit my lips to stop them from trembling once again. Then you pulled me towards your warm embrace, it felts so nice. I just broke down. You whispered gently that everything will be alright and that i am a strong girl.Honestly, all i was thinking at that moment was how perfect you are to me. You always had your way of making me feel better. You're just like a perfect big bro, always being there when i'm down. Whenever i tell you my problems, you never gave advices nor opinions. Because you know you just need to remind me of my strengths and i am back to the fight out there.

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