Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Orange Clove: Blogger night

I know this is freaking late, because this event has held like one or two month ago. I was so busy with works and stuffs, but today was one of the rare days i got home early so i thought i could blog about this because i should!(And because Orange Clove catered food for Omy during the singapore blog awards last sat.) Haha.

On our way to the event, look at our faces, excited already!

It was held at the place i last went when i was 5 years old or so -

Registered ourselves and we were all given a small goodie bag which contained good stuffs like macroons and wine vouchers! Cool or what.

Here's Yongwei with all our goodie bags. Hehe.

These are what we are had that night. Awesome right.


The nicely decorated room with nice ambience for bloggers to gather. And the lady introducing to us what Orange Clove is all about.

Act one photographer only, but honestly quite a nice shot right. Hahahaha.

Snapped while waitingggggggg~

The bag of macroons in our goodie bag. (Y)

We couldn't resist but opened up and munch, and bloggers being bloggers, all took our cameras and snap a picture of it first. Haha.

Then we were ushered out to serve ourselves with good food! Here comes the part you will drool, don't say i didn't warn you!

Deluxe Canapes - first was these little pieces of puffs that were bursting with generous amounts of egg mayonnaise and slices of crisp cucumber.

The next was pieces of Baguette topped with stir fried Shitake Mushrooms in Pepper and Yellow Capsicum.

And then the spring sushi platter which tasted average.

Fresh DIY Salad section with a varied yet simple assortment of croutons, hard boiled egg, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced coloured capsicum and a plethora of lettuces.

Honey chicken that has large bones hidden under the skin which i thought was meat.

Pan-Fried Snapper with Miso Butter Sauce - Very uniquely presented with pieces of asparagus stuffed within each fillet. I had 3 of these!


My favourite of all lot - Prawn cocktail.
It might look small, but inside this tiny cups, there were alfalfa sprouts, mayonnaise, tomatoes, a single grape and a peel of juicy mandarin. I had A LOT of these. A LOT.

Back to our table to enjoy our food! :D

Really, this is awesomeeeeeee.


We had like 2 or 3 rounds of it before moving on to the desserts.


Mango pudding with fruits toppings. I don't quite like how it taste, but Aaron thinks its nice.

3 different types of cheesecakes on one big plate. Yes, i had all 3. And i didn't stop at 3.
It was just so soft and cheesy!

Lemon Meringeus - A lil' too sour for my liking. But the crust is good.

Strawberry tarts.

Wedding cupcakes! It has Orange Clove logo imprinted on it, how cool can it be? But sadly it was way too sweet for me, so i skipped the icing and attacked the moist muffin underneath. ^^

As usual...

Look at our plates! Most of us didn't have the icing, i told you it was too sweet! Haha.

Back to the room for wine tasting.

Winnie and me, with wines from Orange Clove's partner company, Wine Mansion.

I prefer the white wine over the red one, partly because it's chilled.  And because it taste better, like sweeter? Cause the red wine felt so hot, i couldn't finish it. I gave mine to hp and he finished it for me. Haha.

Contented faces. Nice food, nice wine and most importantly, nice people!

Group photo of bloggers who attended. Some familar faces i saw, like:
QiutingYutaki and Andy!


Thank you Orange Clove for such a wonderful night, and thank you hp for bringing me there! :D
You guys can go to their website for more information on their catering services.

And you know what's the best part now?

You can have a party for 18 @ sea at $1800*
Throw your grand bday party, or just pamper your loved ones with a 4-hour crusing experience on board thier 53-footer powered catamaran. Call them at 9770-1160 or visit their website.
Alternatively, you can send them an email at

*Price is excluding GST
Package include mini buffet for 18 pax
Not applicable on public holiday
Sailing dates before 1st August.


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