Sunday, July 25, 2010


And so our adventure ends, and some of us found our heroes, and others conquered their fears. And one might even say we’ve triumphed. I’m not  sure if it happened that day, or that night, but somehow, we all felt older and different. I knew i’d never forget any of it and I decided I wasn’t going to let it end because I realized we’re not just given life experience. We’re given the experience of life.

If you ask me to name one thing i learnt, it’s this - when there’s something you really want, fight for it, don’t give up no matter how hopeless it seems. And when you’ve lost hope, ask yourself if 10 years from now, you’re gonna wish you gave it just one more shot. Because the best things in life, they don’t come free.

And in life, you really have to expect the unexpected. When faced with difficulties, you don't break dowon, nor do you give up. You push on. You endure. If you are determined to get what you want, you can and you will, when you put your 200% effort in it. Because there's a will, there's a way.

Good job to every single one present for the camp, i am so glad i chose to attend the BTC. Because it definitely impacted my life, and i found a family in NP. The NPOB family. 

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