Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My dad n my bro.

The two most important man in my life. Each possess a amazing ability to make me cry/laugh without hating them for long.
Today at home, my bro walked over to fridge, opened, and asked "No more ice cream?"
My dad replied "Have what, NTUC a lot!" HAHAHHAHHAHA.
And then, when outside, my bro said "I want drink sugarcane leh!" My dad replied "Drink your LP la, drink."
HAHAHAHHAHAHA, so vulgar. But i like my dad's reply. (Y)
And i thought today my dad only wanted to annoy my bro. Who knows i was also targeted.
He asked "What you want to eat?", I said "Don't know leh, feel like eating something green."(i meant veggie)
*My dad points to a guy wearing green tee and whisper to me "Eat him la." So annoying, yet so hilarious. He can still continue to elaborate how to disect the guy, and which part i should eat first.
After he finished, he add, "Actually cannot eat him, too much oil. Not healthy."

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