Wednesday, June 30, 2010


Although i look like a lau sai now,(hair cmi and wearing specs) i still love myself, maximum.
It all falls right back on your perspectives on things. Positive mindset are awesome. They change almost everything. Hahaha.
Anyway, despite my lau sai face, Jon, Kang, Reb, Qian and Daniel are still willing to come over np and meet me for dinner. :D
Jon as goofy as always, makes our whole table laugh like what only. Reb and me slacked like 100hours over at lot 1. Catching up, exchanging information and laughing madly like dog is what i enjoy doing with her. HAHAHHA. I love you rabbit. HOHO!
All i wna say is, i appreciate you guys for making the effort to meet up even with busy schedules.
Awesome buddies ftw. (Y)