Friday, June 18, 2010


Dedicated 4 days of my holidays for OB(Outward Bound), but i can say it's all worth it.
Awesome seniors, awesome fellow freshies and awesome experiences.
Although there were numerous times when things gone wrong, there was never once where they could not find a solution to it. I must say, these 4 days might have deprived me of sleep, but i honestly must say i learnt a lot of things and enjoyed myself. Whether as a participant or a facilitator.
From learning different types of knots, to outdoor cooking, to safety rules, to ice-breaking games and finally to facilitation.
And today i got to try everything at the adventure park. Para fan is awesomeeeeeeeeee! And rock climbing too, i didn't manage to reach the top though. But Linfeng made it. Great job! ZAI! (Y)
And to Jiaxuan, you did a great job. You don't have to apologise, we had fun. Drank more than enough 100 plus. HAHHHAHAHAH. Cheer up kay? :)
Caught 'The A-Team' at night with the OB people at causeway. Damn nice. Throughout the whole movie i thought i saw Gerald Butler. But no, it wasn't and i still have no idea who he is. HAHAHA. Oh! Thank you Wei Kia for the ride home. :)
I don't wanna end off this post adruptly, but i have no idea what to say anymore, so lastly, i love NPOB. ♥

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